Executive Overview

What is FairTutor?

FairTutor is a website that connects Spanish teachers in Latin America with students in the United States. It provides the tools needed to hold live classes online, as well as a simple, effective way to handle international payments.

What does FairTutor do?

The Tool

FairTutor’s online classroom is a live communication platform with the ability to:
  • draw, type and chat via a shared whiteboard
  • talk via a live voice connection
  • pull up documents and images from your own computer, e.g. teaching materials, pictures, homework, etc
  • store documents within your account to pull up each session as required
  • load web pages and draw on/change/discuss them.

  • The Market Place

    The website creates an environment in which both schools and individual tutors can have a presence in an online market place. Students will be able to choose a teacher via various search criteria (qualifications, location, experience, price, etc). There will also be a rating system for teachers with good reviews and feedback.

    Benefits to School

    Business Expansion:
  • Gaining new students through the market place. This is a benefit both for immediate on-line business, and also for potential visitors to your country.
  • Filling the free time slots of your teachers when they are in school but have no pupils present.
  • Maintaining an income from your students after they have visited your school and returned home.

  • Marketing benefits:
  • Gives the school a presence in an online market place.
  • Allows the school to advertise on-line classes as part of their own marketing campaign.
  • Provides access to a clientele with greater disposable income. Parents and business people in the States may have too many responsibilities to leave the country to learn Spanish, but often these are the people with the most money.
  • Reduces dependency on marketing by maintaining relationships with existing students, keeping the school schedule at full capacity.

  • Payment system

    This is a sample workflow to show how payments are handled for lessons taught:

  • The tutor/school registers for an account, creates a bio, and chooses the amount they want to receive per hour (for example $20/hr)
  • FairTutor reviews the profile information, conducts an interview with the potential tutor/school, holds a test class so that the tutor can demonstrate proficiency, then (hopefully) allows the tutor to be listed in the marketplace.
  • A student will create an account, browse the directory and book lessons.
  • The teacher will confirm that he can teach the lesson at the scheduled time.
  • The student will pay for the lesson before being allowed to enter the classroom. 70% of this amount will be paid to the tutor/school, while 30% ($6 in this example) will deducted by FairTutor for fees.
  • FairTutor will make payments to the school or individual tutor at the end of each month.
  • While it is FairTutor policy to offer refunds to students who are not satisfied with their experience, any refund to the student will NOT be deducted from the Tutor's balance. Tutors will be paid for the time that they work without exception, though FairTutor reserves the right to limit or cancel tutor/school accounts due to student complaints.