How to find students for online Spanish lessons

Your Profile

As a Spanish teacher at FairTutor, your profile page is the most valuable thing that you have. It's a web page that you can link to, tell people about, print on business cards, and otherwise use to market your personal tutoring business.

The very first thing you should do, right this minute, is to get a photo of yourself uploaded to that page. Write your bio, fill in your qualifications, and make that page look nice because it's the first and only impression that most of your potential students will have of you.

You'll notice while editing that profile that you can pick anything you'd like as your web address, so why not pick something memorable?

The FairTutor Marketplace

When a new student comes to FairTutor looking to learn Spanish, chances are he'll go straight to the Marketplace and start searching through tutor profiles. Students can search for anything they like, but often they'll simply look through the tutor profiles on the front page. So it follows that if you want to be found by the most students, you should probably try to get your profile up to the top of that front page.

Marketplace profiles are ranked according to a number of factors, many of which are in your control.

  • Complete profiles with photos tend to rank higher than incomplete ones, so be sure to fill out all your information and write a nice sounding bio.
  • Active teachers rank higher than inactive ones, so the more classes you teach, the better.
  • Many students want to get started right away, so keeping that "online now" light on is a great way to attract new students.
  • Student Reviews are given a high priority, so be sure to ask your students to write them for you. The more hours you've taught, the more these reviews count towards your score.

The Study Hall

Another place to find curious new students is the Study Hall. That's the public classroom that we keep open so that people can test out the learning environment without any commitment.

If you're looking for new students, it's a good idea to spend your free time hanging out in the Study Hall, greeting people as they arrive and helping them to get acquainted with how things work. If you're friendly and helpful, you might be able to invite them to do a free introductory lesson with you, or possibly even commit to some paid lessons.

Forums, Facebook, and everywhere else

While it's great to let new students find you through FairTutor, it's even better if they come here looking for you.

You have a link that points directly to your Profile page at FairTutor, so why not spread it around a bit? Share it with your friends at Facebook, include it in your signature when participating in online forums and email. Link to it from your Blog. Put that profile link in front of as many people as you possibly can.

In short, Market Yourself!