Spanish School in a Box

Spanish School in a Box

Spanish School in a Box is a customized version of FairTutor that can be added to any website. With it, a Spanish School may include the profile, scheduling, classroom, and payment portions of FairTutor directly into its own website.

How it works

Spanish School in a Box is a co-branded version of FairTutor. That means that it will use your website's color scheme, logos and navigation instead of FairTutor's, and it will be hosted on your own website.

You will still need to create a school profile at FairTutor, along with profiles for each of your teachers. When converting to Spanish School in a Box, you will be given the option to opt out of the FairTutor marketplace, or to remain available for students to find there.

Your webmaster will be given tools to upload graphics and style information to FairTutor, as well as an HTML page to include somewhere within your school's website. That page will interact with fairtutor.com to seamlessly display your school's content and classrooms on your site.

Payment for classes will be handled through FairTutor as normal.


  • Seamless integration with your own website, creating a more professional user experience for your online school.
  • Potential students remain on your website during the entire signup process, eliminating the risk that they may choose a tutor from another school in the open marketplace.
  • Your school may also choose to maintain a presence in the FairTutor marketplace, gaining new students as a result.
  • Availabilty

    Spanish School in a Box is expected to go live in the Summer of 2010. If you are interested in participating in Beta testing before the official release, please let us know at info@fairtutor.com.