Learn Spanish Online right now with a
personal tutor in South America

We call it Fair Trade Tutoring. You can have a great time learning a foreign language while helping somebody down south to earn a good living. What's not to love?

Welcome to FairTutor

We're a web site that connects Spanish teachers in Latin America with students in the United States. We give you the tools you need to hold classes online and a simple way to handle international payments.

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South America Tour

We're happy to announce that FairTutor is ready for private Beta testing. We're going to start letting individual Spanish teachers and schools on to the site to test it out with real students, so if you'd like to be one of the first to try out the site, be sure to get on the waiting list right away!

To help spread the word, we're going to do a tour of Peru, Ecuador and Columbia over the next few months in the hopes of meeting with existing Spanish schools. If you run a school and would like us to drop by, please send us an email at info@fairtutor.com and we'll try to include you in the trip.

We're hoping to get some good feedback from schools who may have tried online tutoring already, so that we'll know what sort of issues are likely to come up. We're intentionally doing this tour before the Online Classroom piece is fully completed, since we're pretty sure we're not smart enough to guess exactly what needs to go into it. If you're doing online Spanish lessons already, chances are you'll have some good ideas for us.

We'd certainly like to talk with you.