Spanish Language Tutors Wanted

Teach Spanish to American Students

Interested in teaching Spanish to students in the USA? FairTutor is looking for fluent Spanish speakers to work as conversational tutors. Please fill out the survey below and we'll be sure to notify you before we go live.

Please be honest in your answers below. We won't be ruling anybody out based on what is written here!

How well do you speak English?
How well do you speak Spanish?
How long have you been teaching Spanish to English speakers?
Which Country do you live in?
How do you connect to the Internet?
How fast is your Internet connection?
List any qualifications, certifications, degrees, etc. that you might have related to teaching.
Do you have a credit card?
Do you have a PayPal account?
How would you prefer to be paid?
How much would you charge for your time (in USD/Hour)?