Welcome to FairlyCertain

It's a simple A/B Split testing library for ASP.NET.

It lets you quickly test changes to your website to learn how real users respond to them.

What's here:

FairlyCertain Overview

FairlyCertain is an A/B Testing library that you can drop straight in to any existing ASP.NET (or ASP.NET MVC) project and immediately start testing website changes.

It's essentially a port of ABingo for Rails, so it shares many of the same benefits.

Things you care about as a marketer

  • Lets you test website changes against each other.
  • Lets you measure any event as a conversion.
  • Shows you statistics for each alternative, including a determination of whether a given result is statistically significant.
  • Makes you money by giving you measurable feedback on changes that affect your users' behavior.

Things you care about as a developer

  • Lets you implement tests from your IDE, usually with a single line of code.
  • Doesn't mangle your html or force you to send irrelevant content to the client.
  • Doesn't request any resources from a 3rd party, or otherwise slow down your site.
  • Doesn't intrude on your database. Most things are stored in the user's browser, with some basic statistics kept in a local file.
  • Has no external dependencies, so it pretty much drops straight into your project.
  • Doesn't rely on a silly graphical editor to make changes, so you have complete control over how tests are implemented.

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